Through this project we aim to take the students on a voyage of discovery of their identity ultimately leading to strengthening of family bonds.


Values a family develops are usually the basis for how children learn, grow and function in the world.  Students of classes were shown presentation on the topic ‘Family Values’.  Powerpoint  presentations were used as a medium to inculcate values among the students. Interactive sessions were conducted to hold discussions, listen to varied views of the students. The students were encouraged to express their experiences and  opinions. Each value was taken individually and discussed in details. A lot of care was taken to allow time and space to each child to come out with his/her take based on their own experiences.

The PowerPoint presentation covers the following points on Family Values:

  • Appreciation helps to strengthen the bond among family members and gives the feeling of belongingness.
  • Honesty gives the feeling of integrity in family.
  • Communication helps create sense of belonging in a family and increases understanding and empathy between its members
  • Kindness should be there towards each other’s feelings.
  • Leadership qualities help the person to take the decision.
  • Respect is one of life’s greatest treasure. The way you treat others, others treat you in the same way.
  • Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness in the family. Positive attitude always leads to positive results.
  • Healthy families, including children, cooperate with each other in making decisions and taking responsibilities .

Through discussions, explanation and interaction, students were motivated to express their views.

Nuclear and joint family

The students were shown PPt’s to make them see the changing trend in family structure in the past three generations. India still being a very family oriented society, where joint family is still more of a norm, is gradually shifting towards the nuclear family concept specially in the urban areas because of many reasons. The reasons for this shift were discussed with the students and an open debate on nuclear vs joint family was held in the class . The students gave varied views based on what they see around them.  Most of them were in favour of nuclear family. According to their views, living in a nuclear family makes them  responsible , independent and provides  them freedom also.

We have shown them some videos related to the theme in which we tried to inculcate the feeling of respect for family members.Class_5_6_Family (1) Class_5_6_Family (2) Class_5_6_Family (3) Class_5_6_Family (4) Class_5_6_Family(5) Class_5_6_Family