Family where life begins and love never ends

Artistic Expressions

The students painted the school with the theme family by decorating the soft boards of their classrooms with slogans and posters depicting their love for their families . The boards reflected the family values and family bonding and the importance of family.

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An assembly of family pictures as a collage allows metaphorical representation of events and influences which have molded a child’s personality. It also takes one down a journey of one’s life with people who have special meaning in their lives and providing a view from different perspectives.
So we decided to take the students on a journey down the memory lane. The students were asked to collect and bring photographs related to their family and events to prepare Family Collage. The creativity of the students came to the forefront when they showcased their life with the help of photographs in innovative manners using mount board and thermocol. They decorated them with flower and decorative material. The children actively participated in the activity with full zeal and gusto. It was an enjoyable experience for us teachers seeing them interact and exchange information about their family with their friends. They also gave presentations on their collage and excitedly shared their memories with their counterparts. The class was a buzz of activity as the children animatedly babbled about the beautiful memories of their life .Their collage, a glimpse of their sweet memories marking their child hood events taught them the importance of their family in their life and taught them to cherish them.

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In order to deepen their knowledge about family and have an opportunity to share their experiences with others, the students participated in an activity to create family albums. The album instead of being mere family photographs, contained information about their family, family members, family origin, their gotra, native place etc. The students designed the album based on the sub-topics given to them and decorated them beautifully. They also wrote a biography of the one favourite member of their family. Family traits and characteristics were discussed with the students. The students were asked to identify their physical characteristics and attributes and name the family member/members from which they had inherited them.

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Class 5 and 6 students witnessing family bonding over generations

Family provides for the basic needs for the child. It is the place where kids learn about this world, acquire abilities to use their senses and speak the first words. Value system, their perception, instincts and understanding of the world all come from the family.

It is very important that in today’s materialistic world children recognize the importance of their family, appreciate it and learn to cherish it all their lives. The sense of identity and security not only enhances their self-confidence but also goes a long way in enabling them to sail through stressful phases of their lives.

A knowledge about their family history gives children of all ages a sense of their place in the world. It can also give young people something to live up to—a legacy to respect. Family history also provides an opportunity for children and teenagers to make a meaningful contribution to something bigger than themselves. Children and youth who develop an interest in family history are more likely to participate in family history throughout their lives.

Through this project we aim to take the students on a voyage of discovery of their identity ultimately leading to strengthening of family bonds.