Cinderella of all Arts

Class 11 and 12 students explore the status of women over the years

Grand Finale

The programme commenced with celebrity talk given by a noted supportive actress Ms. Vimi Mehta who highlighted her journey of becoming an actress. She interacted with students of class 11 and 12 emphasizing that women today are independent and free to do what they wish to. The second event of the day was Kavi Darbar where students portrayed poets of India, Pakistan and USA, highlighting multiple roles portrayed by women. In the end students showcased a skit titled “Kissa Maujpur Ka” where women are shown as an important part of any society. A society can flourish only when the women are empowered.

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An inter class debate competition was organized as a part of ISA activity. The XI and XII classes were represented by two participants, one for the motion and other opposing it. The topic of the debate was “Women empowerment in Media-A myth or reality.” The participants showed brilliant vocal talent with quality content, expression, presentation and confidence. The participants cited reasons to support their views with real life experiences. Anchal Shukla and Abhishek Dubey of XII science were adjudged the best speaker.

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A short questionnaire was given to the students of class XI and XII on women empowerment in media.

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Group Discussion

A group discussion was organized for the students of classes XI and XII. The discussion was based on the women centric movies which were shown to the students. The issues discussed were the roles of women in cinema, sexual liberalization and their impact on the society. The students actively participated in the discussion highlighting their views on gender discrimination in various fields, mentality of men towards women and use of women as a commodity in cinema. The listener’s interest was attracted by pulling examples from movies such as Mother India, Suhaag, Mardani, Pink etc., in order to justify the points. The discussion ended positively concluding the importance of women and necessity of her empowerment in every field. An optimistic note on how women in media have led to globalization and sexual liberalization was also referred to conclude the discussion.

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Movie Screening

Students of classes XI and XII were shown movies on 15th, 17th and 18th October namely Bend it like Beckham (USA), Dor (India) and Dukhtar (Pakistan). The motive behind screening these movies was to make students aware about the struggle of women and their sacrifices to break the chains of restriction in order to do something different. The students enjoyed the movies which were women centric where women are bound by tradition and face a daunting task of overcoming them.
The students were highly influenced by the movies and appreciated the struggle portrayed by the women protagonist. The event concluded successfully by making the students realize the role of women.

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