Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe

Research on Indian Home Remedies by students of 7 and 8

Grand Finale : Visit of Chinese Delegation

Universal Public School, got a golden opportunity to welcome a group of Chinese students along with their teachers on the invitation of Confederation Of UNESCO Club and Associations of India(CUCAI) under culture exchange program.
The event was graced by Deputy Director of Fengtai School Mr. Lee, Ms. Ruby the English teacher Mr. Dhirandra Bhatnagar, General Secretary CUCAI, Mrs. Shashi Bhadoria Advisory Member CUCAI, Dr Laxmi Devi Social Worker, Mrs. Geeta Goyal, Mr. R G Gupta, Mrs. Rekha Aggarwal, Mrs. Sunita Singh and Mr. Harish Sharma.
The program commenced with a lamp lighting. The students of the school dressed in Chinese attire, greeted the Chinese delegation. The students showcased variegated culture program. The event started with instrumental music a blend of Rag Yaman, Rajasthani folk song titled “Dance of the Dessert” and a Chinese song “rising sun”. Yoga was performed by the junior students highlighting the importance of a healthy and a peaceful life. A skit enacted by the theatre group emphasized on the importance of a girl child giving the message to let the daughters grow and not to treat them as a foe . The Chinese student too through their dance, music and martial art gave the audience glimpses of China. They took us to an incredible journey to china through their performances. The school students through their classical dance mesmerized the audience giving an insight to a rich cultural heritage.

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Case Study through Presentations

The students of class VII and VIII researched on various home remedies in India,China and UK and presented the fact in the form of presentations. Thereafter, the students presented case studies through presentations.
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Logo Design

As a part of British Council ISA Activity , a LOGO DESIGN activity was conducted for the students of Class VII and VIII . The students designed logos depicting the theme of natural/home remedies. The logos will be displayed in the Home Veda Fair.

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