About ISA

The British Council International School Award is a prestigious badge of honour for schools that can bring an international dimension in teaching and learning. It aims to introduce or develop the school’s international dimension by providing a framework for international partnerships and global learning.

Our Take

Globalisation is the ongoing process that is linking people, neighbourhoods, cities, regions and countries much more closely together than they have ever been before. This has resulted in our lives being intertwined with people in all parts of the world via the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the music we listen to, the information we get and the ideas we hold. The world today has truly become a global village.

Our students are connected to various international activities by the simple fact that technology is available to them. As a school it is our primary goal to help the young children to establish a link between their own experiences and the experiences of other students around the world and hence initiate understanding of global issues. We at UPS, have embarked on this journey with the hope that our students will carry the tiny spark which we hope to ignite through these international projects to the society and thus enhance international peace and understanding making the world a more compassionate place for all.

Our Aim

  • To develop a conscious awareness about local issues and understand them in context with the whole world thus enabling the children to feel part of a larger global and shrinking world.
  • To teach the child to face the challenges of today and take on the role of an active and responsible citizen.
  • To expose the child to flora, fauna, philosophy, literature, music, art and culture from different parts of the world in order to appreciate the diversity of our planet.
  • To enable the students to think critically and question stereotypes and biases which are endemic to closed cultures and to evolve into open-minded and tolerant human being.
  • To appreciate our own heritage and culture and understand it in a wider global context.
  • To sensitize children so that they may be more compassionate towards all sentient beings.
  • To learn about situations which go far beyond the text book and integrate different disciplines to get a complete understanding of any concept.
  • To help develop creative and analytical skills in the child so that they learn to express themselves using a variety of media.
  • Give them the skills to use technology for searching and find solutions for problems using the Internet.
  • To develop confidence in one’s own ability and feel secure that their learning will surpass all boundaries and restrictions.
  • MOST IMPORTANT TO BE ABLE TO FIND UNIVERSALITY IN DIVERSITY and take steps towards becoming true Global citizens.